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Move your prayer life to a deeper level and intimacy with God through this “I Treasure God Prayer Journal.”

If you like to write, use your pen to give personal thanks and praise to God in this lined Christian journaling notebook. Jesus taught His disciples that our most precious good is to love and treasure God above all things.

God treasures you! Make your prayer time a richer experience by writing out your words of praise and thanks for the blessings you receive from God.

This prayer journal notebook is your place to write your words of love back to God – to say, “I Treasure God!” through your written words.

When you write that you treasure God, you put your heart on paper in a private space.  God is waiting to read your heart and your words, too.

Your message to God can be as simple or profound, as short or long, as you want it to be.  Make sure to put the date on each journal entry.

You don’t have to write a full page each day. You can start right where you left off. Write whatever you want to write to God.

Each page contains 20 blank lines, so you have the room and freedom to express whatever you want.

Use this book to put your praise into writing, that you can keep and review. Keep all of your notes together in this sacred space.

Get this spiritual journal for 2022 and start writing now.

What You Will Get in This Prayer Journal Book
★ 194 journal pages with 24 blank lines on each page so that you have lots of space to write.
★ Simple lined format that allows you greater flexibility and freedom to write whatever you want.
★ Space to put in your own dates so that you can write short or long entries in your Christian prayer notebook.
★ 20 prayer journal prompts and prayer journal ideas for writing a personal message of praise.
★ Step-by-step directions for crafting a Personal Treasuring Note to God.
★ Flexible spiritual journal to write in – as simple or as profound, as short as long as you want.

Four Ways to Use This Prayer Book as a Key Part of Your Prayer Journaling Supplies
① Make prayer lists, record key Scripture verses and personal insights to journal your thoughts as you move through your day.
② Use for a scheduled Christian journaling session or for a spontaneous thank you to God.
③ Use as a Christian prayer book to record your thanks and praise to God for the blessings in your life.
④ Organize a Bible study around treasuring God with family and friends from your neighborhood or church to grow holy together.

Convenient size at 5.5 inches wide x 8.5 inches tall lets you can carry your prayer journal in your coat pocket or purse.
Premium gold color matte hardcover design, available in other colors, (white, pink, blue, purple, green, and beige), that you can choose from. Printed on high quality 60# cream colored paper stock, to reduce glare when writing.

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