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Singing Treasuring Songs to Your Unborn Child, Expecting Mom's Edition

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Your pregnancy is a very special time of love. It is the beginning of life for your baby and a precious time for you to love and bond with your unborn child. God treasures you and is adding another wonderful human being to God’s forever family–through you.

The God of all loving through wonderful ways has made us a people where each one belongs.
Parents have sung to their babies for centuries. God sings to human beings. God sings to you as God’s child every day and to your unborn child, too. Singing to your baby brings many blessings to both of you.

This book contains the lyrics of 30 simple songs written to common nursery rhyme and children song melodies. If you can sing, or learn to sing, Old MacDonald Had a Farm, Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star, Mary Had a Little Lamb, and others, you can sing these songs.

You can encourage your baby to grow and be well during each week of your pregnancy. The My Weeks of Pregnancy section offers suggestions for choosing which songs to sing during each week.

Treasuring songs put loving words to music. This songbook contains the lyrics for:

  • Admiring Songs to tell your baby how amazing she/he is.
  • Encouraging Songs to inspire your baby to grow and develop during your pregnancy.
  • Appreciating Songs to help your baby feel wanted and know how much he/she means to you–and to God
  • Preparing for Birth Songs to invite your baby to move toward birth and be face-to-face with you.
  • Birth Songs to help you frame the birth experience as a welcome to new life.

You can sing simple songs of God’s love to help your baby grow in peace and love throughout pregnancy and during childbirth.

What You Get in This Book
★ 30 original treasuring songs, written for familiar nursery rhyme melodies, that are easy to sing.

★ How God knits the three strands of faith, love, and hope through your body and in your heart

★ How to recognize and honor the three treasures your baby is developing (and you have them, too!)

★ Simple prayers to God and Mary

★ Why you are loving, lovely, and lovable when you are pregnant

 Step-by-step instructions to practice resting prayer for your baby and you

★ A revealing secret about Our Lady of Guadalupe and her care for you and your unborn child

★ How to create a treasuring plan for each week of your pregnancy

★ Bible verses about treasuring from the Old and New Testaments

★ Precious Gem Poems to admire your unborn baby

★ List of beautiful, loving words

★ How your treasuring community intercedes for your safety and health

★ Words to honor the three treasures your baby and you have

★ Why you are loving, lovely, and lovable during pregnancy no matter how you look or feel

★ Easy-to-use sentences to admire, encourage, and appreciate your baby

★ Daily journal pages for Weeks 5-40 of pregnancy (over 220 pages!)

 Precious week-by-week visualization of God’s whisperings to understand how your baby grows

★ How to develop positive emotions for an automatic response to stressful situations

★ 7 different uplifting Bible verses for each journal day of the week, to repeat God’s love for you and your baby

 Resources to increase positive emotions

★ And much, much more…

Four Ways to Create Your Legacy of Love During Pregnancy and Childbirth
① Speak loving words to your baby every day.
② Sing simple songs that tell your baby you admire and appreciate her presence.
③ Praise, thank, and ask God for the love and grace you need for yourself, your family, and your baby.
④ Write a daily record of what your pregnancy means to you.

Convenient size at 5.5 inches wide x 8.5 inches tall lets you can carry your legacy in your coat pocket or purse.
Premium pink heart-colored matte cover design, printed on high quality 60# cream colored paper stock, to reduce glare when reading and writing. 166 pages.

Binding: Paperback.

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