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Treasured in My Heart Books for the Loss of a Baby

Explore how these books can help you, a family member, or a friend with the grieving process after the passing of an unborn or infant baby.

Heartbreaks happen in life. Losing a child is one of the most difficult things a mom or dad will experience in life, especially during pregnancy or early childhood. What will happen to my child? To me? Will we be okay?

This book is a resource intended to help parents who have experienced an abortion, miscarriage, or death of an infant practice radical hope. Radical hope is based on the death and Resurrection of Jesus Christ, with the belief that He will us to everlasting love and life in a new way in Heaven, yet still connected with those living on earth.

By offering you a space to talk, sing, and write to your child, you can treasure your child in your heart. While going through the grief journey, you can reconnect with your child in eternity, using this “Treasured in My Heart” journal for moms and dads

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Treasured in My Heart (Mom's Edition)

Treasured in My Heart (Dad's Edition)